Our Team

Jaime Knight  –  EDITOR


Jaime Knight is the creator of Hustler’s Feed and is a talented writer who specializes in stories related to the economy. He spearheads the team and helps to mould them into better writers, by focusing on quality over quantity, and ethical publishing. He is a true torchbearer in the field of reporting sans prejudice, and leads by example.

Tommy Abbott  –  AUTHOR


The finance section is handled by Tommy Abbott. He is a guru when it comes to financial markets, equity, and market trends. If there is a Wall Street story waiting to happen, you’d best believe Tommy will be there to report it!

Michelle Kelly  –  AUTHOR


Michelle Kelly is the go to member of the team when it comes to retail sector news and reporting. Her dedication towards sifting through the stories and writing the most essential material is what makes her a valuable member of the Hustler’s Feed family.

Karl Taylor  –  AUTHOR


The real estate section is covered by Karl Taylor. Need any information on prices, rises and falls in the market, or genuine advice on what properties to watch out for? Karl has proven his mettle in the field through stellar reporting and story creation.